Newly single dating advice to online dating for 2017. Blog Post #1.

1 December 2016

Newly single again?

Where do you start when you want to dip your newly single toes into the dating waters to find someone to share your life with again?

Itís more difficult to find love as you get older. Especially as added to the Ďfinding loveí conundrum may now be exís, grown-up kids, and other life-changing events that have made you the person you are now.

There are very few places to meet like-minded single men or single women of the same older more mature age group as yourself. So I launched Newly Single Dating as a dating site for age 40plus mature men and women who are more probably readers of the Times, the Telegraph and the Daily Mail more than of the Sun or the Guardian newspapers.
An online dating website for you newly-single-again men and woman looking to find love again.

My dating advice blog posts will help you on the road to finding your new life partner online.